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NERC and the scientists we fund play a critical role in meeting the challenge of improving our living standards whilst living within the Earth's limits.Galen, the personal physician to Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and his 22 thick volumes of medical treatises dominated medical practice for 1,300 years.

In fact, several of Galen’s errors |in blood circulation| were not pointed out until more than 1,200 years later with the publication |of works by the founder of modern anatomy Andreas Vasalius in 1543|….|T|hus began the first renaissance of medicine.

Since evolution rejects purposeful design, genetic change could only be random, or accidental.

"Positive" Mutations The underlying genetic mechanism of evolution is random mutation, and specifically mutation that is beneficial to life.

The fact of some 4,000 devastating genetic diseases is suppressed from publication.

Mutations: the Human Toll Polycystic kidney disease is a common mutation in humans.

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Imagine if after 1846 surgeons in one state outlawed anesthesia, forbid its practice during their operations, and flunked medical students who promoted anesthesia.