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Mom chat tube

An investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) found Bowen-Wright took her son, Christopher, to hospitals in Dallas and Houston with a variety of complaints, resulting in 323 medical appointments and 13 "major" surgeries, CBS DFW reports.

And normally, I wouldn't like that sort of thing, but he was a southern, kind of just a weirdo, who just wanted to tell a story. It was very in line with the 'little girl' personality her mother had developed.Nicholas Godejohn was one of Gypsy's only human connections besides her mother, but three never made as much sense as two.And then one day Dee Dee died, her body discovered in a swirl of bloody pink bed sheets.Those messages resonate with me so clearly and so loudly, and I'm so grateful that he was a writer, and I was able to have access to those thoughts. DALLAS – An 8-year-old Dallas boy may have endured more than 300 unnecessary doctor visits, gone through more than a dozen pointless surgeries and suffered life-threatening treatment complications after police and child protective officials say his mother faked multiple illnesses beginning when he was a newborn.

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Crawford said she later surprised him at a custody hearing with claims of serious health issues."Saying Christopher is never going to walk and we need to …