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Perfect for: People looking for more answers Episode to get hooked on: “Failure Is Your Friend” since 1975.Widely acknowledged as one of the most skilled interviewers on radio, Gross has consistently convinced the world’s most interesting people to reveal their philosophies on life.In between sets, the two real-life friends talk about race, their divergent tastes in men and Billy Joel.Perfect for: People who feel comfortable laughing out loud while listening to a podcast on the subway Episode to get hooked on: “#21 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the U2 Concert” is all about the design details we never think about—how people record sound at sporting events, the elements that make Mc Mansions so awful or the placement of missing kids’ pictures on the back of milk cartons.

MORE correspondent Jessica Williams invite their favorite comedians, like Hannibal Buress and Ilana Glazer, to do standup and tell stories.

Once you’ve made your way through the mystery about a man in a rural Alabama town, you’ll likely be left with plenty of time to listen to other pods on your commute, during a road trip or while you’re at the gym.

Whatever your tastes, there’s no shortage of options. These are 50 podcasts that we’re listening to right now.

Perfect for: People who want to hear from the most sought-after artists, writers and thinkers, all of whom clamor to be interviewed by Gross Episodes to get hooked on: “Chris Rock” (1996), “David Rakoff” (2012), “Meryl Streep” (2012) Genre: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories What it’s all about: Jonathan Goldstein helps his subjects confront the moment when their lives went wrong so they can move on.

In one episode, a man named Gregor traces his resentment of others’ success to a moment when he lent then-struggling musician Moby a set of CDs.

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177: Malcolm Gladwell” Genre: Cool People Talking About Stuff What it’s all about: Long-distance BFFs Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman call each other to chat about everything from the Kremlin to the Kardashians.